CusDev and Customer Journey Map of a new product in the construction market

Redi-Rockers are the first to sell the Redi-Rock license in Russia and the CIS.
Redi-Rockers is a young, ambitious team that represents the interests of the American company Redi-Rock.
Redi-Rockers is also a dealer of the only block manufacturer Redi-Rock in Russia.
The team knows its business perfectly, is ready to openly share information and support its clients at any stage of working with the franchise. The state has highly qualified technical specialists and direct contact with the American colleagues from Redi-Rock.
Target audience - owners of plants for the production of concrete products.
Target Audience Profile:
  • Usually precast product manufactures or Redi-Mix contractors
  • Employee count from 5-100
  • Sales of $500,000 to $10,000,000
  • Family Owned
  • Ownership is involved in Day to Day operations
  • Looking for a new product or revenue stream to increase sales
  • Good sense of humor
  • Like to make money
  • Trying to be the best
Andrew N.
I know we can find some people
in Russia that meet those points.
Дима Артемов
Ok, Andrew, we will find them.
Project work
We interviewed the only block manufacturer Redi-Rock in Russia.
We made a map of the interests of the target audience and understood where and how it draws ideas for business development.
Interesting fact
Exhibitions, Instagram / Pinterest and recommendations from familiar entrepreneurs are the main sources of ideas for a business owner.
Client Profile
Complemented the client profile provided by Redi-Rock.
Identified the key factors that influenced the purchase of a franchise.
Interesting fact
When buying a franchise, business owners care about the uniqueness and aesthetics of the product. Price is in 3rd place in decision making.
We took the place of the client and thought about what needs to be done and when do we want to get the result? And so we developed a strategy for "warming up" the target audience by touch points.
Client base
We selected the database of potential customers according to bindx data and supplemented the database according to VLSI data. In total, there are about 6,000 such companies in the Russian Federation. There are much fewer suitable profiles.
We picked up exhibitions where it makes sense for the client to attend and act as a speaker.
Strategy details
We set up an email newsletter, instagram advertising, a system for receiving and processing leads.
Operating schedule
Do you remember that we wrote the strategy standing on the customer's place? So, we recommended a work schedule with notes on when, from what action and what results should be.
If possible, together with the client we attend meetings with the target audience, supplement CJM and build a sales pipeline.
Result for the client
The most effective advertising channels have been found, so there is no need to drain the budget for unnecessary tests.
Considering our participation in the meetings, the client gets an outside view of how the meeting went and what needs to be changed.
The client trusts us as himself and is open to any proposals. It's priceless!
Customer Review
Evgeniya Girina
Marketing director
Thank you for the in-depth audience research and sales support. You really were able to stand in our place and understand what is important to us!

Meet those who helped make this cool project!

Dima Artemov
Ramil Mamedov
Business analyst
I want the same
Feel free to contact me
Dmitry Artemov
Company owner
CEO Strategist
Marketer with 9 years background